Fry Haus


Brand Identity


Brand identity, photography, web design, graphic design, strategy communication and activation
Fry Haus is a fun ghost kitchen concept specializing in making fried treats. The focus is on customer experience without sacrificing quality. At the forefront of the new dessert shop’s to-do list are projects and collaborative efforts with other budding or established local businesses.

1. Challenge

Fry Haus is a brand new concept that needs to be introduced as more than just a “food-joint” and place emphasis on the ghost kitchen concept.

2. Idea

Turn Fry Haus into a local favorite. They will be tackling the gap between what is known (sit-down restaurant) and the fast-paced, takeout only ghost kitchen concept.

3. Solution

Create a brand that represents the ghost kitchen concept both in values and visual identity.

What started off as homemade treat quickly evolved after the team came across an article by We are Mitú. The article titled, “15 Oreo Flavors that we Wish Existed” inspired what happened next. The small team at Fry Haus began mixing and testing to create one of the oreos on that list. The chosen specimen: guava and cheese.

Visual Identity

The initial brand process focused on bringing together. values, and a pop of color in order to solidify a strong brand identity. The guidelines, color scheme, typography, layout, voice, are used as staples in graphic and creative elements.



Completed 2020


Geneviv Morales, Founder


Geneviv Morales